Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 04, 2022



I am still getting my sea legs underneath me as I figure out my strategy for the Live Show on Wednesday nights. What I see lots of content creators doing is having a standard show and then mixing in some completely different formats. So for example tomorrow I’ll have my final part of the interview with Tico Perez discussion patch trading and visitors at the Jamboree. Where do I go from there?


One of the capabilities of the platform is to have a live guest host. So would I do an episode with more of the focus being on the live audience and riffing with a guest online? I’ve tried to keep the show pretty tight so I don’t have a lot of talk about the weather. If you have ever watched others live streams they spend a lot of time acknowledging who is in the chat which I think is kinda boring to everyone else listening. So it’s a challenge to bring just the right balance to this type of show.


I talked to Ryan Losonsky yesterday and he is getting prepared to bring a bunch of displays to the Charlotte TOR next week. Ryan is giving me some inspiration and I’m looking forward to seeing his projects to get ideas. What he does that is different from me is that he incorporates pictures, paper and other items in the frame along with the patches. I have been too much of a thread head to do that but you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.


I have 217 live auctions on eBay this week as I continue to plow through listing boxes of shoulder strips, OA, JSPs and neckerchiefs. I like to keep things mixed up so I’ll usually have a little of each launching and ending every night.


Today I will build my listing office! After working for days to get all of the Best Hobby Pages moved to a climate controlled storage unit I now have a free office space. By the end of the day this will become my “listing room” and will hopefully allow me to really power through getting the fall and winter calendar of posting new collections up. I have been documenting this whole process in the Facebook Group for the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders with almost daily video posts.






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