Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 4, 2016


Every collection is going to have books and this one probably has 3-5 boxes full of them. But luckily it didn’t have tons of old green shirts or camping equipment which you often find in these hauls. There is a bunch of stuff from New York but also a good bit of OA flaps and CSPs from around the country. I called Chris Jensen on the way home and ordered up 20 of his long 4×6 inch patch boxes so I can do a proper job sorting.

On this trip I was able to make a stop on the way home to visit a lady who found me on the Internet. Her husbands collection was really unique because it was like a time capsule from the 1950s. He attended the 1953 Jamboree and was on camp staff later in the 50s. I say time capsule because it doesn’t look like he was involved in Scouting again (no modern position patches for example) and this guy kept everything. He even had pine cones from CA that he swapped for at the Jamboree. I’m going to film a video on that collection for sure because it’s just cool stuff.

The big collection from NY is on consignment so be on the lookout for pieces of that to start going up on eBay in the next few weeks. I don’t know alot about activity and camp patches from that area but that’s why eBay is uniquely the perfect marketplace for something like this. I can auction things off and everyone who is interested can see what’s there and decide if they want to take a bite.

So if there was a camp patch from your area that was one of 2 known to exist would you have to have it? What if it looked like a bug feasted on 1/4 of the felt and it’s not looking too pretty? Well that’s the situation with that Camp Craggy patch below from North Carolina. There are many watchers and Sunday I’ll find out if there are any bidders!





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