A Lodge Dues Flap? Huh I never thought of that one…

I spotted this on eBay and I thought I would post it here because I never heard of a lodge issuing a flap for paying your lodge dues. I thought dues went to pay for the newsletter and national recharter? Geez what will they issue a flap for next as an incentive….got any examples to share here on the forum? What are the most unusual incentive/reward flaps you have seen issued by lodges.


Abnaki Lodge 102 – 2011 Dues Flap





I dont know the lodge size, but an annual flap would make it easier to cull out the sash and dash crew. You would immediately know if a member was not dues current on sight. Maybe i am overthinking this off the top of my head. It sounds like a good idea to me to put peer pressure on the non supporters. Don’t get me started on the merged lodge pessimists who wear the old flap in protest/arrogant mode.

By thebar on November 21st, 2011 at 9:03 pm

That is a nice looking flap, but it doesn’t sound like you can buy more. The only similar thing I know of are some lodges that give you a special patch for prepaying everything for the year. For example, the Esselen Lodge 531 Early Boar flaps (a new one issued each year) costs whatever (some large amount), but it covers the dues and all activities for the year. So you get to go to the section conclave, Ordeal weekends, Vigil weekend, fellowship, lodge banquet, etc. without having to pay any more, but the whole amount is due early.

Those sash and dashers see the OA as an award they earned, so they wear the sash and flap regardless of the regulations that say you have to be a dues paying member. Good luck getting any of those Scouts and Scouters to take that flap off when they haven’t paid their dues!

By ISCA87L on November 23rd, 2011 at 6:19 am

Abnaki Lodge produces a member flap every year. You only get it if you pay dues. They also produce a bunch of generic trader flaps. I usually wear the trader flaps because I can’t bear (pun intended) to ruin the gorgeous member flaps by sewing them on my shirts.. I have 3 shirts.

By JoeSchwartz on October 6th, 2015 at 10:59 am


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