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Let me know if you can help with any of the following.




1937 Barstow Patch
1975 Barstow Staff Neckerchief
1975 Neckerchief Slide Ceramic Arrowhead
Early Brownlee Round (White Background/ Red Border)


**** note NF= non-flap shaped issue other than pie shaped issues or jacket patches. Preferably pre/fdl****


70 Tali Taktaki, NF
70 Keyauwee, R1 OR X1
70 Tsiotsi Tsogalii, NF
85 Seminole, S1,
87 Bob Wwhite, F1, R1
104 Occoneechee, S1, NF
116 Santee A1, F1, S1
117 Croatan, F1, S1, NF
118 Wahissa, S1, NF
119 Tomo Chi Chi, X1, F1, S1
129 Egwa Tawa Dee, NF
134 Tsali, NF
163 Tsalagi F1, S1, NF


188 Iti Bapishe Iti Hollo, F1, S1, NF
200 Echockotee, F1, S1, NF
204 Chattahoochee, S1, NF
208 Uwharrie, F1, S1, NF
219 Calusa, F1
221 Muscogee, “L1” Small red leather arrow given to candidates in early 1940s, “red turtle” neckerchief slide. Turtle neil slide painted red with 221 and WWW
229 Pilthlako, F1, S1, NF
243 Mowogo, S1, NF
237 Aal-Pa-Tah, S1, EF1956, NF
239 Semialachee, S1, NF
265 O-Shot-Caw, F1, S1, NF
270 Skyuka, F1, S1
273 Wehadkee, F1, S1
296 Nayawin Rar, S1, NF
318 Waguli, F1, S1, NF
324 Ini-To F1, S1, NF
326 Tipisa, F1, S1
331 Klahican, F1, S1, NF
333 Hiawasee, F1, S1, NF
353 Immokalee, S1, NF
358 Echeconee, S1, NF
385 Yustaga S1, NF
459 Catawba, F1, S1, NF
545 Alapaha, F1, S1, NF
552 Eckale Yakanen, S1, NF
560 Eswau Huppeday, S1, NF
564 Osceola, F1, S1, NF


**** note NF= non-flap shaped issue other than pie shaped issues or jacket patches. Preferably pre/fdl


1935 Jamboree ARC N VI 24
1937 Jamboree Flash L VI 24


Dixie Fellowship:












1965 Patch, Neckerchief, Staff Neckerchief
1966 Patch, Neckerchief
1967 Neckerchief, Slide

1970 Patch, Neckerchief
1971 Patch, Neckerchief
1972 Patch, Neckerchief
1976 Staff Neckerchief


IWC/; Central SC Events/ District/Cub Events:



1995, Indian Waters Council Camporee Patch
Cub Day Camp:1991,99,2000,02,04,05
Cub O Ree: 88,99,2000,02,05


Webelos Weekend:1987,94,95,2000,01,02,03,04,06,07
Congaree District: Camporees: 1985,1991,1993-2003
Catawba District Camporees: 1989,1990,91,92,94,95,96
Salkahatchie District Camporees: 77,78,93,95 up


Aluda District: 1984 Scout Show, 1988 Camporee
Consalbro District: 1995,1996 All Patches, 1998 and up Camporees
Chinquapin District Camporees: 1997,98,2000 up


Wateree District Camporees: 1987,88,91,92,93,95,97 and up
Edisto District Camporees 1989,91,91,93,95 and up




I have a 188 S1a.

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