Scouting Hot Finds Top 10 Video – Episode 5

When you click to watch the video you will need to hit the button to view it “full screen” otherwise it will be hard to make out the details on the Top 10 auctions.

I have included links to all the Top 10 auctions on this show notes page so that after you watch the video if you want to go in and take a closer look you can do that. These auctions were the top sellers for November 14-27 in the Boy Scout category of eBay.

Item Title – Click To See The Listing on eBay Bids Rank
1937 World Jamboree OFFICIAL PARTICIPANT’S patch BL top 2 #10
1920-30’s Type A Square Border Merit Badge-Rowing- With Award Card 23 #9
National Order of the Arrow Conference Collection 1946 1948 2009 NOAC Arrowcorps 1 #8
Boy Scout Merit Badge Cotton farming circa ’34-’35 8624X 1 #7
1947 World Scout Jamboree France SERVIR (Service Team) badge
2 #6
Boy Scout OA 525 Pachachoag F1 first flap 6878U 1 #5
Boy Scout OA 358 Echeconnee S1 first flap 6832U 1 #4
Chilantakoba Lodge 397 X1 – used 16 #3
SCOUTING FOR BOYS Lieut.-Gen. Baden-Powell 1908 Boy Scout Book 38 #2
Checote Lodge 154 F1b (1956) Creek Nation Council- OA- Oklahoma 2





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