Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 10, 2019

I shut down a page on Facebook that I had set up with the intention of selling Scout uniform shirts on. I had dabbled with finding a supplier of recycled Scout shirts but mostly was looking to sell the tubs full of perfectly serviceable uniforms I already have. So instead I’ll be selling them locally in my antique mall and giving away some to local troops.

This week I completed a painstaking inventory on over 2,000 listings I had in my store. These were items that I’ve had for some time and wanted to make sure what was showing up on eBay matched what was actually in the box. As time allows I’ll try do more of that to keep my transaction defect rate on eBay to a minimum.

Its a pretty small detail but this weekend my web developer reworked the home page for Best Hobby Pages to make it cleaner. I had some funky issues going on that she was able to smoot out and improve. Some of my websites are in hibernation but that one I need to work well.

Here is a round up of the different collections I’m selling on eBay. On Patchsniper I have an OA neckerchief collection up for bids. On Five Dollar Patch Store I’m ending auctions on a trail patch and medal collection. On Oapatch I have almost 700 live first time auctions with many ending tonight. On Santeeswapper I have the return of .99 cent auctions including some OA flaps and CSPs at that price.

I’m going on back-to-back camping trips this month. Next weekend my daughter’s troop is going back packing from the highest point in South Carolina down to Table Rock St. Park. This will be the troop’s first true back packing trip (carry all your gear etc) and it will be a challenge for their Scout skills.



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