Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 27, 2018

Typically Tuesday is the day during the week that my employee takes off and I have the office to myself. However, getting into the office at 6 AM means I have to get a solid to-do list together to be productive. Today that means breaking out a new lodge from the GA collection and getting some more consignment items up.

One box I did check off today was making a $900 payment for the 2019 WSJ for my daughter’s fees. I worked out a deal off eBay with a collector for some good stuff knowing that money was earmarked for her trip. Now I’ve got another $1150 to come up with to take care of the rest. She thinks my patches are like a piggy bank it’s not quite that easy.

So far November has been pretty good for her eBay project selling under eBay user id Scoutpatchhq. She took advantage of an eBay offer to get some free listings up over Thanksgiving and has a dozen or so auctions ending Thursday.

I have a couple of guys talking to me about doing interviews for my podcast Scouting Hot Finds Radio. It’s been on a long hiatus in 2018 but all the archived shows are still there. I should set a goal of getting the counter pushed to 100 shows since I think I’m stuck at show 82.

Tonight I’ve got a couple dozen auctions ending including some nice pieces from the GA OA collection I have been selling.

This morning while writing the newsletter I’ve been taking a look at my main website Scoutpatchcollectors.com and thinking about some tweeks I can make to improve the site. Maybe a return to some quick posts about 1-off topics or auctions?




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