Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 2, 2016


I have been trying to think outside the box to promote the Charlotte TOR on March 31-April 1. It’s been nearly 20 years since there was a Trade-O-Ree in this council. The metro area has about 2.5 million people and Scouting is very strong in this part of the woods. So our #1 push is to get publicity to the local crowd to boost the walk in traffic. I think we can get some Mecklenburg County table renters as well.

To me the target audience is the key volunteers in the council who can then “tell a friend” through the Scouting grapevine. To that end I reached out to leaders of the three districts that make up the council and offered to donate a box of door prize items for the District banquets that are coming up next Thursday. I am attending the one for my part of Charlotte and I’m also setting up a table top display of Scouting memorabilia. I’ve reached out for the council banquet in February and am hoping to help them with some door prizes. Have you ever met a Scouter that wouldn’t appreciate a 50+ year old Boy Scout handbook?

On an episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio I interviewed John Ryan who runs the Capitol City TOR in Texas. He runs merit badge classes during his show to make it a very Scout friendly event. Taking a page out of his book we have a counselor who is going to teach Scouting Heritage and am working on one to do Collections MB. I think with literally dozens of troops within a 20 minute drive of the church I think we can pull a lot of parents and Scouts to this show.

Even though I’m running a sale on my fixed price items all week I’ve been launching first run new items up for auction with 124 live now. I have been throwing up a dozen neckerchiefs every night this week with many of them being 40+ year old camp pieces.





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