Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter November 28, 2014


Now we know that the final price for the OA Mixed Lot of the Century was just over $12k. From listening to Patch-L is looks like there are some people looking to pick off individual pieces so the buyer is going to have some decisions to make. This one might show back up for sale in pieces pretty soon.

I’ve got some pretty strong British badges linked in here to give you a little variety as you decide which combination of turkey leftovers to eat today. As some people are going shopping your Hot Finds editor is going kayaking today in true Scout form. It’s only a 2 hour cruise but with the temps in the lower 40s it’s going to be nippy on the river.

Literally just two days ago I had someone respond to the Thread Heads episode asking about a reprint of the Wabiningo book. Then what do you know there is one on eBay today. How’s that for timing.

I’ve got some nice plans for rivalry Saturday in college football. With my in-laws being in town since Weds I am a bit backed up on shipping. So with a noon kick off I’m going to listen to my palmetto state rivalry on the radio while I’m stuffing patches in envelopes. The bookies have the U. South Carolina vs. Clemson game at an almost dead draw so it should be a fun one.

eBay has been generous lately so I’ve once again got 500 auctions live on the site right now. It’s hard to pass up a free listing offer and I’m sure I’m not the only one that is timing things now to catch those every few weeks.

I am going to have the Patch King on Scouting Hot Finds Radio next week to talk about his unique Cyber Monday Sales Sheet. It is a strategy that will fit in perfectly with the series I’ve been doing this fall on different ways people making money in the hobby.







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