Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 11, 2018

The winter storm that came through North Carolina largely missed our house although the Internet is still out at my warehouse. So I printed the invoices for shipping at home, went to the office to pull orders, and now I’m home again to process and ship. The joys of eCommerce when your internet is down you are dead in the water.

I have been on a tear posting new content up to my website at www.scoutpatchcollectors.com. Friday I will have another interview with a TOR sponsor. Next week I’ll publish Episode #84 of my podcast.

I had a great time this weekend at the Old Hickory TOR. John Hoffman brought his collection of early rank insignia and square merit badges to display. I wish I would have taken pictures! He spent some time explaining to me the differences among the teens/early 20s combination ranks.

At the TOR Ron Oslin took time to explain to me the way he has figured out how to distinguish the teens merit badges. These two examples are great reasons why you need to attend TORs. This hobby is a small community and not only are TORs a great chance to buy/sell/trade but also learn!

My eBay store has 189 live auctions that are all first time runs. I’m cranking through lots of fresh inventory and the store has been hopping.

I should have all the shipping caught up here by the end of the day.  The kids were out of school Monday so everything is a little bit behind at this point but if you are waiting for something from me it should be in the mail by 5 PM today.

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