Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 15, 2015


One of the other really cool things about working at a charter school with 200 kids is that the family like atmosphere promotes kids bringing their teacher a Christmas present. So far today I’ve got a Starbucks gift card and a new headlamp flashlight. Ho Ho Ho!

I do have a serious question to ask the readers which I’ll also post on Facebook. I’m about to mount my OA flap collection in a portfolio and my idea is to organize it by state/old 12 regions. My thinking is that it’s easier to understand the history of mergers if you have the patches laid out that way so you can see which ones rolled into the next. This goes against the traditional way of organizing numerically but over time that is becoming a scrambled mess so I’m less inclined to do it that way. Opinions?

So with the OA collection my idea is to pick a state (like NC for example) and mount the patches according to the charter date. So from left to write and down the page you can sorta trace the evolution of the councils/lodges for each state. Now mind you I’ll have a lot of holes but the labels will have lots of historical information as well so it will tell the story. And I can always be cheesey and use color print outs as hole fillers.

Here is the one piece of this that some folks won’t like. I’m only making a label for lodges that issued a flap. I know that leaves out some old classics but primarily this is a way to display my OA flap collection not a complete history of the OA. The only exception would be (and I don’t have it) is if I came across that set someone did of flaps where they had a generic fill flap made that said no flap issued. Unless one of you has that available I’ll press on.





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