Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 4, 2018

Episode #83 of SHF Radio the National Scouting Historian Summit

It’s hard to imagine that I published 82 episodes of my podcast for our collecting community and didn’t interview Bill Topkis or Jeff Morley.  That makes it fitting that for the reboot of my show these two Scouters would join me to put the podcast back on the air.

Bill and Jeff are co-leads for a course at the Philmont Training Center next summer that is a great opportunity for scouts and scouters to learn the rules, tools and strategies to save and share our history. 

In Episode #83 of my Scouting Hot Finds Radio podcast they share all the details about the National Scouting Historian Summit and also touch on how the groundwork for this event has been laid down over the last decade. 

The National Scouting Historian Summit will take place June 9-15, 2019 at the Philmont Training Center. This week long course will teach over 100 Scouts and Scouters the rules, tools and strategies needed to preserve and share Scouting history in your troop, lodge, council and community. In this interview the two co-leads Bill Topkis and Jeff Morley share the details of this first of it’s kind event. 

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This weekend there is a Trade-O-Ree taking place in Winston-Salem, NC.  The 25th annual Old Hickory TOR features about 60 tables with vendors coming from the surrounding states.  I interviewed Matt White the organizer and you can listen to that with the video link posted in today’s newsletter. 

I have over 300 auctions live on eBay right now with some nice ones including this Mowogo event patch ending tonight.  I’ve been on a roll getting up new consignments and some of my own stuff so there is a good mix of variety in these auctions that are live right now. I am launching about a dozen or more every night so check back often. 

I will be attending the Old Hickory TOR this weekend.  I can only make it on Friday night but that’s plenty of time to see the gang and buy/sell a few patches.  I hope you’ll consider making the trip if you can.  You can get all the details on my website at this link Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.





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