Moral lesson in patch trading and buying stuff from Boy Scouts

Sometimes the Scout Law comes to life in this hobby and you are reminded how lucky we are to be dealing with people who are Trustworthy. In this short video I share not only the prized jewel of my Girl Scout memorabilia collection but also tell the tale of how it came home almost 2 years late.

Girl Scout Uniform History Display Teens – 2000s

At a Girl Scout memorabilia show held in Conover, NC there was a wonderful display of Girl Scout uniforms spanning almost a century of the program. The owner of the uniforms is Becky Byrns and she had the display set up in the lobby of the church hosting the event. This video takes you through all the uniforms from the...Read More

The History of Girl Scout Proficiency Badges

The seminar was given by Susan Dellay of the NC Coastal Pines Council at the Girl Scout Memorabilia Show organized by Becky Byrns. The show was held in Conover, NC the weekend of November 13-14, 2015. In this approximately 20 minute seminar Susan went through the history of the Girl Scout proficiency badges. She began with the white felts that...Read More


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