Early Shenandoah Area Council camps

Wanted: Early Shenandoah Area Council felt camp patches, pictures, uniforms, sashes, etc.


Specific camps include:


– Camp Powhatan (round blue felt pp w/ indian head, 1937-40)


– Camp White Rock (felt intertwined letters CWR in different colors, 1930s)


– Camp Wa-Pa-Shen-Co (felt arrowhead w/ indian head and year, 1930s)


– Camp Tomahawk (felt arrowhead in different colors w/ crossed tomahawks, camp initials “CT” and year, 1936-40)


– Camping Letter (felt pine tree w/ “S”, green and white)


– Camping Letter (felt arrowhead w/ “S”, yellow and blue)


Please contact me if you have any of these items. I pay well for my needs and am willing to travel to inspect items (especially 1920s-30s uniforms and sashes).


I am also interested in unusual 1940s-50s Camp Rock Enon and Shenshawpotoo pieces. As far as Shenshawpotoo, if it’s in the Blue Book, I have it. I’m interested in non-issued N/Cs (ex: 276X1 on N/C)and handmade/personal items (N/C slides, leather items, paperwork and pictures).


Additionally, I am researching the early history of the Shenandoah Area Council (specifically the Martinsburg WV & Winchester VA areas). If you have items of interest but do not want to part with them, please contact me. I am in desperate need of pictures of these early pieces.







Since I’m having issues posting attachments and pics, here’s a recent eBay auction for a sash containing several of the early Shenandoah Area felts:


These show up on eBay several times a year and go for roughly $100-200 a felt. Sometimes the merit badges drive up the price if there are unusual ones.

Thanks for keeping me in mind.

YiS and WWW,

By Shenshawpotoo on January 2nd, 2009 at 10:02 pm

u beleave that that acution was in my hometown…. jsut tickes me off i didnt find it befor the non scouter did

By redneck_patch_trader on January 11th, 2009 at 9:00 am

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