Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 22, 2017

I got a treat in the mail yesterday. I bought the merit badge pamphlets for the 4 Air Scout themed merit badges from the 1940s. These blue cover books are really the building blocks of all the advancement that the Air Scout program was put together with. When I display my patch collection I like to include as much historical information as possible and I think these 4 books are really part of the story of the Air Scout program.

Has anyone noticed that even though we are only 7 months away from the National OA Conference things are strangely subdued in my opinion. I haven’t seen a lot of buzz about lodge’s issuing sets or all the mania we had in 2015 over red sashes. Maybe it’s because most lodges only have a fixed number of seats for this trip and there isn’t much reason to get people excited when those spots are already spoken for?

For the first time in several years I have made plans to attend the Dallas TOR next month. My buddy Matt Delk is driving so I’m going to make my first ever 12 hour road trip across the length of the deep south to get there. What I discovered is when you get out of your little corner of the world you get to see so many collectors that I have only known through mailing them eBay orders or on Facebook.

My eBay store is hovering around 13,000 items right now but this week I’ve pulled back on auctions as the category historically slows down over the holidays.




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