Blind Trade! Council Issued Jamboree Shoulder Patches

The view from my last blind trade. Every pile has a name on it and I go through sorting until everything is swapped around.

Now that the Jamboree is a memory do you have some leftover JSPs that are sitting there? A blind trade is a perfect way to take your dupes and shuffle them around so you can get new inventory. Here is how it works.


The organizer of the blind trade (me in this case) accepts all the trades that come in from collectors around the country. People typically send in between 20 – 100 patches. On the final day of the blind trade I put all the patches onto a table and start sorting. I take patches from one pile and move them 1 by 1 to another until everyone in the trade has completely different patches! Then I package them back up and ship them out. So essentially you get to send in ones that perhaps you have extra of (maybe it was your council?) and turn them into something different for your next opportunity to trade or sell.


Why would you want to take part? Well if you came home from the Jamboree and still have a bunch of sets from your own home council or loose JSPs that you don’t really need why not turn them into something all different?


I have successfully run several blind trades over the last few years and have moved a few thousand patches on to new owners this way.

My latest blind trade is focused on council issued Jamboree shoulder patches. These are the colorful shoulder strips made by BSA councils for the National Scout Jamboree. So if you have extras from any year that you want to turn into something different this blind trade is for you!

Because these blind trades can get kinda complicated I have decided to create a 1-page form to go further into the rules (what to send, what not to send etc). I ask that you print it out and return it signed if you are doing to participate in the trade.

Download the Blind Trade Rules form here.

This trade closes on January 31, 2018 which means you need to have your patches in to me by then. I will sort them a week later and have them in the mail back out around February 5th if all goes well.





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