Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 01, 2021


The majority of the items in the collection are from Plankeshaw Council, Camp Cherokee Hills and Waukheon Lodge 55. The only painful part was that his photo album had all the patches stapled in although thankfully there was no rust on the staples.


I was very happy to get both his dad’s Eagle medal and Silver Beaver medal to add to my collection. Maybe at some point I will organize my Eagle medals into a collection and identify them by type. I probably have 3-4 dozen medals all in the same box and I need to take the time to break out Terry’s book and a magnifying glass to figure them out.


So far my college helper has scanned 23 boxes of patches and neckerchiefs. By my count that is 1/3 of the way there as I’m hoping he can knock out 60 boxes total before he heads back in about 10 days. He is going through some of the “death piles” where I’ve had stuff for years never listed. Now that I’m trying to list everything under the new fee structure I wish I had a local college student that I could employ a few days a week to keep the momentum going.


Now that the holiday season is almost in the rear view mirror I am back on track with my auction selling strategy. I have 126 live auctions with the first of those ending Saturday night. On ScoutPatchHQ I am still running some auctions on an old 1950s collection with 24 live now and the first of those ending Sunday.


Ok I know it’s dangerous to drop hints but if all goes right on Monday I will publish the first episode of my podcast in about a year. See 2021 is already looking up!




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