Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 13, 2017

My introduction to the hobby was in the mid 1980s with mail order lists and phone auctions. Some of you reading might be millennials who have always experienced this hobby with a smart phone in your pocket and the Facebook App on the Scout Patch Collectors. Nick Loesch is old school having traded back in the 1960s when as he explains the rule was simple 1:1.

Something I learned is that Nick stepped away from the hobby for many years and rediscovered it when he put a patch up for auction in 2001 and couldn’t believe what it brought. Since then he has been a regular on the TOR circuit and a big eBay seller. It just goes to show this is a hobby that you can put aside when life gets in the way and come back to it full hog later as he did.

If I had to pin an overall theme to the show it would be his love for trading. That’s what really set the hook in him back in the 1960s and he laments that not much of that happens these days at TORs. In the interview he gives us some insight into the old names he mailed patches to back in the day. In fact Nick recalled that back in the days of The Trader magazine it would take 2 weeks to complete a trade – not like the instantaneous deals of today.

I just launched up a bunch of auctions last night including some good looking OA pies. I messed up and set the opening bid for this Muscogee pie at just $9.95 when past sales suggest it should go for $200+. Well I’ll just put my faith in the system and let it ride (GULP).





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