Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 10, 2017

In the last issue I told you about a vintage clothing seller that had approached me for a valuation on some stuff she had come across. Thanks to the Eagle eyes of one of the Hot Finds readers I can now share that she has listed the items for sale on eBay. I’ve got a link here for the nice 1937 sash that includes a Region 8 sash. It’s not cheap but I’m sure she will get lots of offers. The shirt with a 37 patch and nice Eagle rank patch sold for $150 which is how I found out this was all up. To me this is just another great example of how eBay recycles great vintage pieces into the hobby versus them never coming to light.

I got a message from Chris Jensen over the weekend sharing that he has sold 100+ tables for the South Carolina TOR making it the biggest one he’s ever hosted at this location. He figures it’s going to be the biggest TOR in North or South Carolina in the last twenty years! So if you are on the fence get your plans together to come. We got our cold weather last weekend and by Thursday it’s going to be in the 60s so back to our normal mild winter weather down south.

Tomorrow night I’ll be back on the air for my Scouting Hot Finds Radio podcast. You can listen live at 9 PM EST or later as an archived podcast available online or on your smart phone through one of the podcasting apps. I’m still confirming my guest but I will include another TOR promotion this one for the Tu-Cubin-Noonie TOR as I am speaking with Michael Keller about the show.

I’ve heard from several people about the big activity patch collection that I picked up last week. It included several hundred camp patches from the 1970s. What I’ve decided to do is instead of running them through eBay I’m going to post them in a $5 album on my Facebook store. As I go to press this is not live yet (my other project today!) but later today you can click over to ScoutPatchHQ.com and it will be live.





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