Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 15, 2021



I already have all my items in ziplock bags and labeled so my inventory strategy was pretty simple if not time consuming. I downloaded my active listings to a spreadsheet and using good old mail merge created labels for every bag with the price, title and quantity. Then every week I tackled a different section of the shelves and tagged everything while matching the quantity.


OMG! What the inventory revealed is that I had thousands (not joking) of patches on the shelf that had “fallen” off of eBay some how over the last several years. It’s like little eBay gremlins had just deleted the listings. So yesterday I finally finished the last step which was double checking the pulled items to make sure they were indeed dead. In the coming weeks I’ll start over getting them back up.


The other big sorting project I started yesterday was organizing all my Dixie Fellowship dupes. I have bought several collections over the last few years that contained stacks of dupes. Since I’ve just been putting them to the side it was finally time to bring some order to the chaos. Next week I’ll try and finish that project and get all those listed in my Patchblanket eBay Store.


I have been firing back up my auction strategy to make up for time lost over the holidays. I’ve got 254 live auctions on eBay including a giant run of National OA Centennial themed patches closing Sunday.


Today I made the vey rare betrayal to remove an item from the Hot Finds. I almost never do this but an item that I had posted only has 1 bid and it turns out I REALLY have been wanting this particular piece for years. So as to not encourage all of you to bid against me I took it out. But I promise that after the auction ends I’ll confess.




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