Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 17, 2021



Ok so time to confess! When I spotted this old BSA green wool jacket it was at $31. I put in a snipe bid of $125 and got toasted as it sold for $161.50. This is the elusive green version of the red wool Jac-shirt that everyone wears. It also looks to be like an adult size which is also exceedingly rare. Oh well congratulations to the new owner!


Tomorrow I will be publishing the first unboxing that I made with assistance from my editor Samuel. I think when you see it you can easily spot the improvements with multiple camera angles and cut away sequences. It will debut on YouTube and Facebook but I’ll also have a link in the Tuesday issue. You can help support me recording and publishing the podcast and videos by joining my Hot Finds Insiders group on Patreon.


A Scouting friend was listening to all the episodes of Scouting Hot Finds Radio while he was at work. He reminded me there are episodes that focus on websites that have come and gone. In some ways those are now like time capsules. But he also put in a request for a topic that I’ll try and put on the production calendar soon. If you have ideas please send them my way!


Tonight on eBay I have over 100 auctions ending from a big collection of National OA issues with many Centennial and Arrowtour pieces. I’ve ramped back up my auction strategy and I’ve got 254 auctions in total up for bids.


My family is vacationing in the NC Mountains and wouldn’t you know it snowed last night at our cabin. We have about 3 inches and the kids are literally making a snow man right now. Oh and we spotted bear tracks in the snow from last night! I hope your MLK weekend is memorable too.




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