WWII Era Boy Scout Collection Unboxing Philmont, Wabaningo and More

When I got the phone call on this collection my ears lit up. On the other side of the line was an 86 year old gentleman who joined the Cub Scouts in 1944 went through the Boy Scout program in the years after the war and became an Explorer in 1950. This experience in Scouting included a 45 day trip...Read More

The Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) Definitive Guide To BSA Camps

I am happy to announce the Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) is now available for sale.  Bob Sherman has graciously agreed to allow me to publish the book as I have since 2012.  The latest update features a wealth of additions from the last update in 2014.  So what is the Camp Book II?   It is a complete...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Radio Podcast #96 Creating Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Guides With Wiatt Williamson

Wiatt Williamson has cracked the code on how to write a Scouting memorabilia guide book. In his years in the hobby he has written over a dozen guides for Order of the Arrow lodges, councils and camps. In this interview he shares the blueprint and makes an offer to share his easy to use template with everyone out there. I...Read More

OA Name & Number Flap Collection Project

For going on 25 years I have been toying with a collection of Order of the Arrow flaps. Since the 1997 National Scout Jamboree I've been keeping a list and trying to add new pieces. But in the last 6 months I've gotten much more serious and made a lot of progress developing a master spreadsheet tracking every lodge that...Read More

Unboxing Huge Boy Scout Memorabilia Collection From New Jersey

This collection was a home run. Two giant boxes filled with patches, neckerchiefs, and all manner of Scouting memorabilia going back over 40+ years. The Scouter that I purchased this collection from lives in Nebraska now but did a lot of his Scouting In New Jersey. He also attended some Jamborees and did a lot of trading. I was blown...Read More

#95 Dating And Identifying Boy Scout Memorabilia With Mitch Reis

Mitch Reis has just published the 5th Edition of A Guide To Dating And Identifying Boy Scouts Of America Badges, Uniform, & Insignia. This book is one of the reference "bibles" that all Scouting memorabilia collectors should have on their shelf. There is hardly a topic that is not covered if it was worn on a uniform. In this interview...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Boy Scout Category Top 10 List #28

Last minute snipes, insurance bids and good old fashioned store inventory are among the best selling items in the Boy Scout category of eBay for the week of March 1-7, 2021. This video brings back an old classic. My last Top 10 video was published in May of 2012. So in bringing it back I've drawn some inspiration from other...Read More

#94 Clothtalk The Original Scout Memorabilia Podcast With Chris Brightwell

Perhaps the first podcast I ever listened to back in 2006 was an ambitious project that was launched by some guys out of Coosa Lodge 50 in Alabama. Clothtalk was their idea for an audio podcast that would focus on the hobby of collecting Scouting memorabilia. For 29 episodes these guys brought on guests for interviews, had a Trade-O-Ree correspondent,...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 07, 2021

    I spent hours Friday afternoon rearranging chairs on the Titanic. Ok well not quite that bad but I was moving boxes and totes on the upper shelves in my warehouse that I could only get to on a tall ladder. What started as a simple request from one of my Webelos dads to find his kid a pair...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 05, 2021

    As I say in the video Bill was the NY state editor for the Blue Book while I was a younger collector branching out into chasing other lodges during that time in the mid 1990s. I lean heavy on Bill's first hand experience going from the more name/number focus of the pocket books to the evolution to Arapaho...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 02, 2021

    When you watch the video I am almost embarrassed to say how many times I went on and on about the patches from Hawaii. I have never bought a collection from that part of the country so all of the designs were new for me. Plus some of these like the old conclave patches match my personal collections....Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 28, 2021

    came on a killer 1950s vest. This 1947 Area Meeting patch from Texas is among the items ending tonight on eBay from that vest. I've also got some other OA rounds, Explorer conference patches and even a 1949 Canadian Jamboree felt pennant. I don't usually get vests like this but these were light sewn and not washed so...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 26, 2021

    Unlike Rick Stewart I have not visited very many Scouting musuems. The Lawrence E. Lee Scout Museum is located at Camp Carpenter. Greg shares that they exhibits there are second to none. If that's not reason enough to attend the show they also do a Lobsterfest meal that features Maine lobster with all the trimmings. He had me...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 23, 2021

    I listened to the interview again this morning and realized that I kept coming back to a central theme. It's up to the veteran collectors to share their knowledge with the next generation if we want to preserve and grow the hobby. Certainly his website has been a great example of that all these years. You will also...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 21, 2021

    I also picked up my Mother-In-Law while on the way back home. So there has not been too much time to sort it out completely. However, the mugs are washed and the patches are out of the bags and album pages ready to be sorted. I usually don't drive 6 hours for collections like this but the circumstances...Read More


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