Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 26, 2024

  I've had some family health issues going on that prevented me from getting out an issue Sunday. But today the Hot Finds is reloaded with all new auctions ready for a look.   Today I'm meeting with a lady who has her FIL's collection from the 1920s. It is still amazing to me to get memorabilia that is 100...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 22, 2024

  This morning when I peaked back to look at my eBay operation I found that yesterday was my lowest sales day in all of 2024. I was instantly reminded of a comment my wife made. We attended the Round 1 games of the NCAA mens tournament yesterday in Charlotte. She looked around the Spectrum Center (announced attendance 18k+) and...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 19, 2024

  Today's new unboxing (the first in a while!) features an amazing campfire blanket from CA that I got in a collection. This one is loaded with OA and it's a keeper. YES! I actually collect campfire blankets and have more than a dozen from many different countries.   I was asked yesterday to come to a Scouting event next...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 17, 2024

  I have a bit of a dilemma to sort out. I often say in my business that I recycle items back into the hobby. That is very true in that I don't throw anything away. Whether it's an unfinished wooden neckerchief slide from one kids attempt at Woodcarving Merit Badge or the Cub Scout neckerchief that millions of kids...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 15, 2024

  Looking at the calendar I don't have a Scouting event for a solid month which is welcome news to my wife. in fact on my first Saturday home in a while I'm going to plant a spring garden. While I have enjoyed my run of TORs and OA events its good to come off the road.   The members...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 10, 2024

  Patch trading was alive and well in the dining hall of Camp Coker this weekend. I stuck to my word and only carried in a single briefcase. Now when it comes time to trade at conclave I'll probably upgrade my spread but at least this was a fun time to hang with the boys.   There really are some...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 3, 2024

  A trip to Society Hill, SC yesterday and Camp Coker was a good chance to see sold friends and hear about some great things underway. The revitalization committee shared that over a dozen projects are underway with shovels in the dirt or bids out for contract. The theme was that the look of the camp was going to remain...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 1, 2024

  By now many of you have heard the news that it was announced this week the next National Jamboree is scheduled for the summer of 2026. The obvious question is what happens to NOAC. I'm sure that just like the BSA didn't want to have the WSJ and our NJ on the same page of the calendar it will...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 27, 2024

  Today I'm going to force myself to set up the studio and film multiple unboxings so that I can process inventory. My Achilles heel in all of this has been getting the content edited. The college kid that was doing this for me dropped out and now I have a bunch of these sitting in the hopper. But I...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 25, 2024

  By the time this goes out I will have come home from the IWC volunteer recognition ceremony where myself and others council Scouters will be recognized. I got to go up on stage with my mom to receive the Silver Beaver. She was there when my dad got his in the 1980s so this is very special for our...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 23, 2024

  In January I printed 1,000 copies of my 1-page TOR calendar so I could include them in eBay orders and take them to the shows I was attending. Today I've spent a few hours adding newly announced shows to the calendar and updating my website. Holy Cow brothers there are a lot of TORs! Some weekends are three deep...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 20, 2023

  Sunday I am traveling to my hometown of Sumter, SC to attend the volunteer recognition banquet. I've been honored as a recipient of the Silver Beaver from the Indian Waters Council. I've asked my mom to be my date and for my camp staff Yoda Austin China to walk me down the aisle. Plus Tripp Clark is running a loaded...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 18, 2024

  I just got home from the camping trip and decided there was enough time to publish a Hot Finds. The peach cobbler was a special hit at the potluck. This was just a lazy cobbler that I learned how to make maybe 25 years ago from Steve Eaton or Earl Dutton. But those non-Scout people don't know all our...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 16, 2024

  In what has become an annual Presidents Day trip I am taking my son camping this weekend with the VW Bus people down to Edisto Beach State Park. As I am not active in a unit right now my camping nights have shrunk to almost nothing. So I need to spend some nights under the stars to get my...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 12, 2024

  It's not often I can feature multiple teens era combination ranks in the Hot Finds. I only have a handful of these in my personal collection but I know some of these are home runs already. If nothing else watch them just to see where the bidding goes.   I got a message last night from Frank Hannabass regarding...Read More


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