Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 19, 2021



This collection was from Texas originally and the guy had been in the OA in the 1970s. So as I was pulling out the stack of flaps and going through them my attention was on the Chief Lone Wolf issues. Maybe because I always thought that was a cool name for a lodge or maybe because I thought their patches were really beautiful.


But the real winner here was in fact some flaps from Palo Duro Lodge 486. This guy had some 2/life Vigil flaps that are extremely hard to get. Now mind you two different (thank you!) collectors alerted me to this. Luckily that lodge is on Patchvault.org but none of those flaps have a recorded sale on Patchtrends. So I seriously doubt if I would have caught on that these were winners without the help.


Thank you to those that have responded with offers on the group of OA and other vintage 1950s patches that I’ve posted. So far I’ve been able to rehome 1/2 dozen of them and got offers I couldn’t quite accept on several more. If you want to purchase any of these I’m taking best offers.


On eBay in my Patchblanket Store I have 266 live auctions on OA flaps with a couple dozen ending every night this week. I’m up to 38k items in my store and by the end of the month should be knocking on 39k. I just have to keep on listing!


In episode #90 of Scouting Hot Finds Radio I had a great interview with Doug Schwabb on his experience working at the 2019 WSJ museum. Good news! Doug has reordered the Spirit of Jamboree book and will have them available for sale very soon. I will let the readers know when he gives me the green light. You can always email Doug to get your name on the wait list.




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