Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 22, 2021



I have been actively working on my name/number collection for the last 6 months. During that time I’ve researched all the mergers to make sure my spreadsheet is accurate, printed labels with identifying historical information, and started repackaging my collection into plastic. More importantly I started going on a buying spree purchasing needs from many of the dealers in the hobby via eBay.


I’ve narrowed it down to maybe 40 needs from all lodges that issued a flap. That’s my personal goal for the collection is to get a flap from every lodge that ever issued one. So as luck would have it I talked to a family that has been holding on to a collection since 1976. A partially complete name/number OA collection in frames including over 1,000 dupes. Literally this was the collection I always wanted to find!


Now don’t get too excited there is no Victorio, Tomahawk, Baluga, Calusa or the killer issues. Turns out those were impossible to get four decades ago too! But I did get many of my needs to the point that when I finish sorting it all I might be down in the single digits. Once I sell off the dupes I’ll have paid for the keepers which is always the plan. It’s not the best collection I’ve ever bought but one that I’m really excited to get. Plus I can repurpose the great large home made frames for my own displays.


On eBay I have 266 live auctions with most of those due to end this weekend. I’m still working through a bunch of OA issues which have been my bread and butter.


It’s been a busy week but I still plan to have a podcast published Monday to keep on schedule. This weekend my family has no plans so we are looking forward to a calm and restful time.




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