Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 24, 2021



We got Zuko in June when he was about six weeks old. He has been just about the most loving and people friendly cat we have ever owned. But he has a few quirks as he was born from a family of barn cats in rural South Carolina. He has this thing about plastic bags! He will find things on the kitchen counter and drag them down to the floor and walk off. He is strictly a house cat (too many coyotes in CLT) but this instinct of his to drag his prey into a hiding place must be hard wired.


So last night for some reason my wife looked behind my daughters bed between the headboard and the wall. There was a trash pile of Christmas present tissue, a bottle of body soap (?) and YES the destroyed ziplock that held about 30 1950s patches. I rescued the patches and we cleaned out his lair as he watched. But this does illustrate a golden rule that my wife has – no Boy Scout stuff comes home from the office!


Yesterday I got to get a few weekend hours in at the warehouse and started to break down the collection I picked up last week. It included 36 wooden frames that measure 4’x2′ with plexiglass that were home made. But to get to the patches I have to delicately take them apart. My plans are to add some red felt and over the next few months repurpose these to display my collection.


Tonight on eBay I have over 100 OA auctions ending. Sunday is always the biggest day in our category for 7-day auctions to end. I am ready to wind down my 2nd eBay store that I have been playing with to sell a collection. I’m running a 19% off sale for the rest of the month in ScoutPatchHQ.


Tomorrow morning I am recording the next episode of my podcast. If all goes well my editor can clean up the audio and get it ready to publish by the evening. The goal is to put our 24 episodes in 2021 so I want to stay on track.




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