Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 8, 2016


I used to own a classic VW Bus and recently my friend had one for sale which led me to being a little nostalgic about the old campers. So one night after Christmas I randomly responded to Craigs List ads that I thought looked interesting. About a week later I got started down a rabbit hole that I finally uncovered as a classic scam last night.

The guy had a beautiful bus that was his uncles and passed down to him when he died. This gentlemen was in the Air Force and just recently stationed in Alaska. He wanted to sell the bus rather than let it sit. The best part of all is that the Air Force would deliver the bus to my door through their logistics network when we made the deal – free shipping on a car…sounds great.

Things started to unravel when he said we would complete the purchase on eBay so that the transaction would be secure. I guess he didn’t know he was dealing with someone who has a feedback rating over 25k. I started poking around last night doing my “homework” and found out nothing in his story checked out. After posting this information on an eBay forum I was assured by people that this had all the elements of a classic Craigs List scam. So even though you might not be buying a car I thought this story would serve all of us who play on the Internet well. They had me going to the point that I was working on my wife to convince her what a good deal it was. LOL

I saw that one of my brothers in the cloth Mark Graff is going out of the country and will be turning the lights off in his eBay store while he is gone. I think that is one of the great things about having an online business is you can step away from it and it’s pretty easy to come back into the game. I know that during my move this summer I may have to use the same trick to buy myself some time but hopefully it will just be temporary.





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