SHF Radio #71: Patch Trading at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference

I decided to record this episode of the podcast when I got a message from a Facebook friend. Krishna Palani asked,

Can you please offer me some resources and tips for trading patches at NOAC? I’m relatively new to trading and I’m going to NOAC this year.

SCOUTING HOT FINDS RADIO EPISODE #71I started to fire off a message back when I realized that this was probably a topic that a lot of Arrowmen were curious about. I’m estimating that only 1/5 youth at the 2015 NOAC will be veterans of the last conference in 2012. So very few of them have had any experience going to a NOAC and might be curious for some tips just like Krishna.

I spent some time writing an outline and just hit record. I talked for almost 45 minutes straight through without taking a break or hitting the edit button. This might be the first time in years that I’ve just recorded my stream of thought and never edited a single word in post-production. However, I’m extremely happy with the result. I think the content in this show will be very valuable for any Arrowmen (youth or adult) that has never attended a National OA Conference. What you get here is my unfiltered opinion and I’m sure I’m going to make a few people mad with me for that reason.

So rather than preview what I said in this post I’d rather just invite you to listen in and enjoy. If you have any comments please leave them here or on my Facebook Page.

In the episode I mention some posts and videos I had from a NOAC a few years ago. You can find all those with this link to

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