Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 9, 2015


I have a lot of content in this issue! Updates to the TOR calendar, a new video published this week and a fresh episode of my podcast. Be sure to check it all out and of course links to dozens of great live auctions in the Boy Scout category.

The idea with Thread Heads is to record and publish a thirty minute video show where it’s a talk about topics in the hobby. So far Brad England and I have recorded three episodes and for 2015 we are looking to bring in some new people into the project. So whether you are a veteran collector or you’ve just gotten started I’d love to have you join in the project! In fact it might be very interesting to get the perspective of a younger voice in the hobby!

The origins for this idea are the series of quick videos that Hank Birdsong and I started recording in 2013 for We wanted to have just a five minute video talking about interesting patch issues from the lodges covered by the site. In fact we just published episode 7 that you can watch today if you want to see at Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode #7: How To Spread the Patch Bug.

So I’m hoping by issuing this public call for guests and contributors that some collectors will step up and the project can flourish in 2015. All you need is a a webcam like the one on your laptop and a good Internet connection.

Today I’m headed back down to Florence, SC to stock my new antique booth at the Palmetto Peddlers. I’ve been taking pictures and when I can get it together I’ll share that for those of you who might be curious to see how it turned out. My first sale was a $10 pair of Scout shorts! 🙂

If you are going to the 2015 NOAC listen to this show to see what I have to say about patch trading at a big NOAC. Click to listen to SHF Radio #71: Patch Trading at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference.

I added five shows to the TOR calendar below. Thank you to all the organizers who sent me emails on these events. Three of the shows are in within a few weeks of each other in late April and early May. Of course next weekend there are two major shows on opposites ends of the South. I hope you can make it to a TOR soon!





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