Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 19, 2021



Last winter break I got enough organized and scanned (with the help of out-of-school help) that I could keep listing new stuff through the next several months. So far that is how things are playing out this year as well except that I’ve been able to work on some really niche categories.


In the first weeks of December I’ve gotten all the NOAC dupes, ranks, position patches, patrol patches, knots, popcorn patches, woodbadge and more sorted. These will all get scanned next week in the que to get listed. Next up I have 4 large totes of camp patches and 3 totes of World Jamboree to tackle. All of this inventory is bought and paid for so it feels really good to add it to the store.


One of the hardest niches to tackle will be merit badges. I have probably a dozen boxes of those mostly sorted by type. But to finish the sort and then scan/photograph each one will be very time consuming. I’ve been helping my troop by allowing them to get any of the plastic back issues that can still be handed out. This has saved the troop a considerable amount of money versus purchasing from the Scout Shop.


I have 303 live auctions on eBay with a lot of variety including Philmont, SAPs, Baltimore and much more. The eBay store is now up over 55k items with no end in sight. The only downside is that in the new year I’ll have to upgrade to an anchor store with a higher subscription price but I’ve still got some room to go before upgrading my subscription.


Yesterday we got to spend the day with my side of the family to celebrate Christmas. On the way home my daughter got her last required hours of night time driving before she can take her test in early January to get her license. In 60 hours of driving the only incident we had was her backing up and ripping off the passenger side mirror by hitting the trash can. Hopefully that will be the only incident for a long time.




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