Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 24, 2021



For a Christmas Eve edition of the Hot Finds I thought about what I’m thankful for. Then I came up with a couple of reasons why that relate right back to our hobby that I thought to share. So #1 I’m thankful for all of you that have been my customers over the years and allowed me to source and help you fill needs for your collection. I think 1/3 of my orders on eBay come from people who have purchased from me before and that’s phenomenal.


I am also thankful that in my hobby so many people practice the Scout Oath and Law in their life and in dealings with others. I almost never have a problem with a buyer that can’t be worked out and back when people wrote checks I never had a bad one come across my desk. Only recently have I had someone not send me something that I paid for but that person was NOT a Scouter which should have made me more cautious. We don’t always get along in this Scouting memorabilia hobby but I think it’s 10x better than other collector communities that I subscribe to on Facebook just as a watcher and learner.


I have 283 live auctions on eBay as I didn’t take a break over the holidays. This might catch up with me a little bit as next week we will have a pile of orders to ship out. But I’m going to end the year with over 55k items in my eBay store so I am very happy with the growth this year.


Speaking of being thankful…I got a very nice flap in the mail today that I wanted to share with the readers. A member of the Facebook Group agreed to let me get a 311 Koo Ben Sho for my collection. It wasn’t cheap but it did put me needing just a few flaps to reach the finish line! My 4 biggest needs are a 241 Tomahawk, 304 Cayucos, 496 Menetomi and a 525 Pachachoag. Technically, I need a 446 Cuauhtli and a 542 Kiminshi but I have good fillers on those spots for now.




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