Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 26, 2021



When I had a chance to find some alone time after the holiday excitement yesterday I decided to tackle a patch project I could do from home. Since hearing of the 16 NSTs that make up the new structure of the BSA I wanted to integrate them into my OA name/number spreadsheet. But it’s not so simple when you have to account for hundreds of merged lodges and kinda trace their lodge DNA to see what current NST to assign them to.
The reason I would go to this length is I figure it’s typical for the BSA to change things up about every 20 years. Now things might move faster coming out of bankruptcy but I’m going to hope that for a while this 16 territory map is set and I can arrange my display frames using that structure. So I need to assign every lodge that ever issued a flap their NST number so that I can build my frames in early 2022. My idea is one frame per NST arranged by the charter dates of the lodges with labels that explain merger histories. I can leave some empty spaces at the bottom for new mergers to be on the safe side.
The really tricky spreadsheet is going to be CSPs. I have a spreadsheet I’ve assembled that is a good starting point. But it doesn’t have any merger history like my OA one does. To add that information I’ll have to pour through reference books and it will be time consuming and tedious. My goal would be to do that same process for CSPs so the display can capture all that history.
I have 273 live auctions on eBay including close to 100 ending tonight. I’ve had some good luck with my Philmont auctions. Part of tonight’s run includes dozens of JSPs from the 1990s.
Monday I have a guest coming to the office to visit and work on a project. I will have an announcement on that later once I’ve finished my side of the deal. My family is also going to take a short vacation for New Years to Asheville in order to ring in 2022. I hope you have had a great holiday and like me are still recovering from a food coma.



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