Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 20, 2019

I am home from another successful South Carolina TOR hosted by Chris Jensen.  During the weekend I was able to visit with so many old friends and even make some new ones.  A midnight run to Waffle House being one of those opportunities.  With Dallas and Indy up next on the calendar the TOR season is really in full swing.

It is an interesting dilemma for some of us when you have Dallas and Indy back-to-back.  Both of these shows have a national attendance and following.  My Cub pack’s pinewood derby is scheduled for the Friday night of Dallas so I’ll be home racing.  However the next weekend I plan to ride with Chris Jensen up to Indy in his patch bus.

At the TOR I heard a very good explanation of the BSA flirtation with bankruptcy.  The conversation confirmed what I have suspected that “if” it happens the action would be a legal maneuver to shield and protect the core pieces of the BSA program while creating a pot of money to pay out settlements.  So even if it goes through nothing is going to happen to the high adventure camps or local councils.

Another piece of news on the street is that the guy that won a contract to license things for the World Scout Bureau (think NOAC 2-piece sets with the World Crest) is no longer in that business.  I don’t know much more than that but I’m sure several of you have visited the online store (no longer there) and probably have one of those sets if you traded at NOAC.

I now have 8 days to pivot from Carolina OA to things that would sell in the Midwest.  At a TOR you can’t bring it all so I need to figure out what makes sense and run with a strategy.

As part of turning the page I’ll now move the Carolina OA collection that I’ve been marketing over the last 72 hours online. I think that will start with posting it in my store for a 1-month residency. The final leg will be to cross-post to eBay and just pay the fees they get as the middle man.

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