Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 05, 2021



For 12 years now I have been publishing the Hot Finds email newsletter. The podcast launched the following year in 2011 and was followed by other web projects and videos. All of this free content was for my own enjoyment and to help light a spark in the hobby.


So the answer to how I am going to finally bring back the podcast and commit to a bi-weekly schedule is pretty simple….I’m getting help! Specifically I have recruited and hired an audio editor who is the son of one of the readers to help me turn the interviews into ready to publish content. In order to help me make this happen in 2021 I have launched the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders.


The SHF Insiders is a way that you can help support me in the creation of all this free content for the hobby. It will cost me between $75-$100 to put out each episode of the podcast. So I’m asking all of the readers to consider chipping in as little as $2 per month through my Patreon Group the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders to help me put out 24 episodes of the podcast in 2021.


On my eBay Store I have 212 live auctions including a couple of dozen OA pieces ending tonight. on ScoutPatchHQ I have 36 auctions from a vintage 1950s collection including a dozen ending tonight.


In the 12 years that I’ve been putting out content I’ve never asked for your help. I will continue to publish all off these projects for free so that I can stay connected with all of you and help encourage people to take up this hobby. This new Patreon group also includes some exclusive content for members including two new video series that I’m putting out for the hard core collectors. I hope you will take a look and consider subscribing with as little as $2 per month to help me publish the podcast and make more content for our hobby.




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