Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 9, 2023


Are you like me? An iPhone user for over a decade but married to PC computers? For the first time in my life I ordered a Macbook that arrives tomorrow and I’m not really that excited to learn this new system. I’m telling myself it will be just like using my iPhone which clearly I’m comfortable with but there will be a learning curve! Can you relate?


We got our first 386 Windows machine in 1990 if I am not mistaken. In my garage I have the last decade worth of dead laptops to prove that I’ve been a Windows guy all that time. But the reason to adapt is in the warehouse we are using old iPhones to take a bunch of the product images. The easiest way to get the pictures off the phone is to AirDrop them (Mac feature) or run a cord to the Macbook. Might not sound like a big deal but we recently took 1500 pictures in one day and it took hours to upload them to the cloud and then download them to a PC so we could edit the images.


Luckily one of my new employees who has been doing a lot of this work is very familiar with Macs so she is happy for the switch over. She has done an awesome job of sorting stuff. If I can work with her a little bit more I think I can get her to build 90% of the listing with the final step being mine to price and recheck details. We have an ambitious listing goal this year so it’s important to make any improvements in the listing process.


On eBay I have 322 live auctions running on SAPs, camp patches and more. Today I have a zoom with an eBay growth advisor who is hopefully going to be able to answer my questions and help me make positive changes. I’ve got a super large eBay Store so maybe he has some ideas of the best ways to leverage all that inventory to get sales.






















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