Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 24, 2017

Everybody in my part of the country will be watching the results of the TSPA auctions tonight that feature many of the treasured Area and Fellowship patches from the Carolinas. Some of us are window shopping and I imagine a few are looking to pick up a need at a good price. As someone who has it all I’m just taking it all in as a marker of what the interest is and where the prices shake out for valuation. I’ve sold most of these patches over the years and like a lot of tough OA the market all depends on the demand.

So for this new “strategy” is more about trying to force myself to take a small bite each week out of a big project. I went through and labeled all the boxes and gave them a letter designation. Now my goal is to pull a note card from the to-do chart and each week knock out one of these boxes. Sounds easy but when you watch the video you’ll see what it’s been a challenge.

I recently talked to Brian from NY about a situation he got involved with. A Scouter in his council passed and eventually the family told the council to come to the storage unit where they had stashed all the Scout stuff and get it. Brian and some other volunteers have already spent an entire weekend sifting through the boxes and are still not done. So I’m trying to make sure that my family doesn’t suffer a similar fate. More importantly since we are renting there might be another move to a more permanent house in our future and selling this stuff now means I don’t have to move it later.

The Pennsylvania collection that I did a video about is all ending this weekend on eBay. The first wave is the books and some of the paper and then Sunday it’s the more historical things specific to Camp Delmont including the t-shirts which seem to have a following.





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