Scouting Hot Finds Radio #92: Refurbishing Vintage BSA Knives and Axes With Bill Chadek

A decade ago Bill Chadek took a gamble on a Boy Scout pocket knife. He cleaned up a beat up old knife and brought it back to life with elbow grease, sandpaper, and lots of polishing. This was the beginning of a side business refurbishing vintage BSA pocket knives, sheath knives and hand axes. Today his completed projects sell at auction for as much as $400 on eBay. Over the last decade of honing his craft Bill has experimented with different woods, learned how to forge a much improved leather sheath, and mastered polishing metal. In the interview we talk in depth about one of his most well known projects – recreating the “Kit Carson” style combo with sheath knife with a hand axe mated together.


When I came across Bill promoting his projects on Facebook I quickly became a fan. While connecting on this interview Bill actually agreed to repair the sheath for my favorite Western BSA knife. I came away really impressed by his craftsmanship. I love how he is taking something old and recycling it to make it a presentation item. He shares in the interview that several Scoutmasters have purchased these to give them out as gifts for Eagle Scout presentations.


If you enjoy this interview with Bill Chadek then you might want to hear the exclusive bonus content that I have posted in my Patreon Group. I had one thorny question for Bill and decided to put that in my “After The Interview” segment rather than include it in the public audio. We also talk about the possibility of me sending him some items to refurbish. You hear access that bonus content and become a member of the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders for as little as $2 per month at There are also exclusive videos in the Insiders group. The whole purpose of this Patreon group is to support the hiring of an audio and video editor so I can put out more content in 2021!
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