Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 09, 2020

I talked with Roy More at the TOR in Indy about marketing efforts to get TORs to be successful. I really think something that has helped us in Charlotte is having buy-in from the local units, lodge and council. Two different units make money from the TOR and that gives us manpower and concessions to help the show run smooth. Then the OA lodge gets a free table to sell and we run a merit badge class on top of that.

I know the TOR calendar is crowded and running an event like this is a big job. As everyone knows in the years since eBay and online stores have taken off TOR attendance overall has been really hurt because people can stay home and spend money on patches instead of gas and hotel rooms. But I still say there are bargains to be found at a TOR that never show up online. You also can’t put a price on the fellowship opportunity and the chance to learn and share knowledge.

If you want to see what shows that are coming up on a crazy crowded TOR schedule check out my website. I think one weekend this month has as many as 4 shows scattered across the country.

I have over 100 auctions ending tonight on Oapatch. These are all first run auctions on OA flaps. As of today the store has 4k items live and I’m adding more each week.

For the first time in his life my son Patrick participated in the family business yesterday.  He wants to purchase some upgrade for a video game so we struck a deal. He put a few hundreds patches in alphabetical order and later today he will scan them to finish the project.  His reward is the $30 he needs to purchase the upgrade.  Capitalism is alive and well.         



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