Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 04, 2020

Here is what’s ironic about this collection. The guy went to the 1965 NOAC from a small lodge out in CA. He traded for about 25 OA flaps and in the end doesn’t have any flaps from his original lodge left. But his own lodge flaps decades later would be worth a whole lot more than the common issues he traded for. Oh well!

Speaking of collections the best one I bought recently showed up in the mail as I was driving to the Indy TOR. I don’t know if it will happen today (sign up for alerts via Messenger) but I am almost ready to live sale that box which I know has about 100 flaps in it from the late 60s and early 70s.

This is a meme I posted on my camp’s page featuring my daughter Sophia as the lifeguard in a photo from 2019. She said to me dad “this doesn’t make any sense”. I replied, “Sophia it’s like a Super Bowl ad. The goal is to have you talking about it with your friends not to sell a car”. She is not convinced!

I have over a hundred first run auctions ending tonightat OApatch. I’m doing my best to build up this account as my 2nd major eBay store. Scott Lane told me me he has about 19k items scattered over 2 stores. I’m not there yet but that’s the goal. Right now my main account has over 16k listings so it’s a little out of balance for me. I wish eBay would just make it easier to have one store with unlimited free listings but that has not come to pass so we all have to play games.

In the last two days I’ve met with the troop committee and the Cubmaster regarding the Charlotte TOR. Everybody is on board and the leaders organizing the concessions have some big plans. Don’t plan on eating anywhere else if you are coming to the TOR as they are going all in on the food.



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