Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 12, 2019

Filmed live at the Crossroads of America Indy TOR

Today I’ve got Episode #14 of Thread Heads published on the website. In this episode Brad and I are filming live from the Indy TOR. It’s Saturday as things are beginning to wind down and we get behind the camera for about 15 minutes to share stories and pick ups.

One theme of the show is that TORs offer probably the best opportunity to purchase items. Deals are literally on every table as many sellers are motivated to move some stuff and make deals. Selling on eBay can be laborious and many times you can purchase just a few select nice pieces or a whole bunch of inventory cheap live and in person at a show.

Another theme that runs through he video is fellowship. By actually putting a name to a face and having a 5-minute conversation you can really open doors in the hobby. I was able to finally record a podcast and video with John Smilek because we were in the same room which is something we had talked about doing for about a year.

Another plus from TORs is the chance to learn. Through conversations you can get an education on certain topics in the hobby that might lead you to a side collection or be the seed that eventually becomes a book or website project. I saw a lot of that happening around John’s merit badge pamphlet project.

After 4 days of opening boxes and sorting items into tubs here is what the table in my office looks like. It’s a little scary and after I hit send on this email newsletter that’s what I’m tackling next. After 10 months of being in my warehouse I’m finally going through every box and merging things together.

There are 5 TORs on the calendar this weekend so I encourage everyone to attend one if it’s close to you. I’ve preached about the benefit of trade-o-rees and the good news is they are happening every weekend between now and this summer (well except for Easter).





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