Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 25, 2020

It seems like I’ve always got some sorting going on and this week is no different. This is pieces of the collection that I picked up about 10 days ago that is now being sorted out. It’s an OA collection which I really like since I speak that language well. For 25+ years I’ve been an OA collector myself and so I get excited turning through and finding good stuff.

I now tentatively have a commitment from another OA lodge to bring their lodge box to the Charlotte TOR and sell to the folks there. I know the chief of Skyuka Lodge 270 so when I discovered we had 1 table left for the TOR I sent him a message offering it to them. I’m sure they have some NOAC fundraiser sets and that kinda stuff they would like to move. He has approval from his Adviser so if all goes well that will be another great table for people to shop at.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to in my new space is that I will have my own office to hang up the trophies and store my personal collection. It’s been years since I’ve really “played” with my own collection and I’m really looking forward to having some space to spread out and change that equation.

My eBay account has 176 live auctions on neckerchiefs that I’m selling. Some of these are camp and other issues that I’ve had for a number of years and just now getting around to listing. They are stacked up for about 20 listings to end very night.

ven my son Patrick is looking forward to my new warehouse. There is also a tiny office in there that I’ve told my son will be the kid room. I’m going to put in a couch and a tv so he can have a place to chillax on days when he has to come in too.



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