#95 Dating And Identifying Boy Scout Memorabilia With Mitch Reis

Mitch Reis has just published the 5th Edition of A Guide To Dating And Identifying Boy Scouts Of America Badges, Uniform, & Insignia. This book is one of the reference “bibles” that all Scouting memorabilia collectors should have on their shelf. There is hardly a topic that is not covered if it was worn on a uniform. In this interview Mitch goes all the way back to his earliest efforts on this project. We hear how catching up since the last edition in 2009 was such a challenge. But in the end he has crafted a reference book that will be such a vital piece to feed collectors with new rabbit holes to go down. I was reading the book myself and spent way too much time looking at the Cub Scout listing. Now I’m going to put together a Cub display as I just finished 5 years of being a den leader. You can purchase the book on Mitch’s website.

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I enjoyed this immensely…many is the time I have sent Mitch an email asking for help identifying a patch or medal I had found. Always helpful and insightful. It was nice to put a voice to the face. Thanks Jason and Mitch.

By WILLIAM CHADEK on March 22nd, 2021 at 7:05 pm


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