Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 21, 2021



So tomorrow I have to make a trip to the Scout shop. Monday is my son’s first Scout meeting and of course one of the things he is required to bring is a book. Despite the fact that I have hundreds and hundreds of Scout books in my warehouse there is one I don’t have – the 13th Edition. My wife asked if I could trade them for it but I don’t think it works that way!


Patricks’ first camping trip with the new troop is the middle of April. They have a great model set up for a 1 night Tenderfoot skills trip to break the boys in a little. This will be the first camping trip that he has gone on without dad as that is part of the tradition. Yesterday, we went out and got him some camping shoes and he should be ready with a clean uniform. You can bet that there will be a picture taken sorta like first day of kindergarten.


In the end we visited 4 different troops trying to find one that would be the right fit for him. I told him from the beginning this was his decision to make. In the end he chose a troop that is right up the street from our house. This troop has a great tradition and lots of volunteer help. He is joining in with a group of Scouts that have been together since Cubs so that will be a challenge but we’ve done a few ice breaking activities with them already.


On eBay I have 227 live auctions with a handful ending tonight. This week I’ll start auctioning off OA patches from a 1500 piece collection I bought back in January. These will have the SKU call sign TK in case you want to keep an eye out. A couple of those are ending tonight but the vast majority will launch next week.


Tomorrow look for my next podcast episode for Scouting Hot Finds Radio to drop. This is a timely interview with Mitch Reis regarding the 5th edition of his reference book that has just landed in many mailboxes. I’ll have all the details with a 45+ minute interview. You can look for all the details in Tuesday’s newsletter.






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