Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 26, 2016


So here is the story on the 12 Inch Eagle Scout Medal. I bought a collection from a Scouter who was active in Augusta, GA and the Charleston, SC area. His dad had been a professional Scouter. In one of the boxes there was this intricately made giant Eagle Medal. When I posted it to the Scout Patch Collectors as a whatzit I got lots of comments (and offers to purchase) but no firm answer. So I have decided to give it away in my first ever Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter Sweepstakes.

As a reader of the Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter I invite you to enter my free drawing to win a 12 Inch Eagle Scout Medal. This 1-of-A-kind piece stumped collectors in the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group. Rather than sell it I’ve decided to turn it into a fun free giveaway using software that will select a winner at random from everyone that enters.

All you have to do in order to enter the drawing is follow the link to my Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter Facebook page and enter your name and email address. Once you submit the software keeps track of everyone and when the sweepstakes closes in a few weeks it will randomly pick a winner. It’s all on auto-pilot and it meets all of Facebook’s rules. Plus with me I want to treat all my readers fair as can be so I’m not drawing names out of a hat – it’s all being done by a computer.

Of course since this trip to Camp Durant will be my first TOR in a long time I’ll be taking some pictures and sharing them online. The tables are sold out and I have heard people are coming from all the surrounding states. I might even play with some of my recording devices if I can get around to it to record video or some audio.

Whoops some of the auctions I built into this block ended early Friday morning. Sorry about that! I do have live auctions running on Jamboree pieces which are featured below as well.







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