Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 05, 2021



As I say in the video Bill was the NY state editor for the Blue Book while I was a younger collector branching out into chasing other lodges during that time in the mid 1990s. I lean heavy on Bill’s first hand experience going from the more name/number focus of the pocket books to the evolution to Arapaho in 1979 and eventually Blue Book in 1996.


On my podcast I interviewed Albertus Hoogeveen many years ago. I think a good follow up would be to circle back to him now and revisit that discussion of the Arapaho reference books. When I got all my books off the shelf to do this video I remembered that all this overlapped as there was a 1998 and 2000 update to Arapaho after the Blue Book had come out.


The goal of these videos is to take a topic of interest and kinda fill in some of the history. As Bill is a collector with decades of knowledge I enjoy picking his brain to hear the story of these topics. If you have any ideas for future shows please send me an email and I’ll see what we can do.


This week on eBay I have 409 live auctions. These include a wide variety of areas such as Seminole Lodge #85, Tsali Lodge #134, council event patches and TONS of neckerchiefs. In fact Sunday I have 178 neckerchiefs ending at auction.


There is one piece of bonus content for this Insiders video that is inside my Patreon Group the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders. I asked Bill if he felt there was any funny business that happened during the cataloging regarding varieties versus MVEs. My follow up question was about why did some items get chosen as the F1 or S1 for example when local lodge members objected. You can find all the Insiders exclusive content at




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