Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 02, 2021



When you watch the video I am almost embarrassed to say how many times I went on and on about the patches from Hawaii. I have never bought a collection from that part of the country so all of the designs were new for me. Plus some of these like the old conclave patches match my personal collections.


The only downside to getting a WJ collection is that the guy is bound to have a bag full of foreign Scout stuff that I have no clue about. So this now 50 year old stuff from other Scout associations might mean something to another collector across the ocean but I don’t even know what it is.


The patch that I got the biggest laugh out of was a National Exploring Conference hosted in Hawaii in 1972. Apparently this was not just any old Explorer event but this was one was a surfing conference! I kid you not.


This week on eBay I have 378 live auctions with some ending every night of the week. The variety is a big departure from my normal focus on OA patches. I’ve got tons of neckerchiefs from camps all over the country including council and district issues.


Later this morning I’m driving over to the Sleepy Poet to begin a total redesign of my antique mall booth. I’m selling my display case to another dealer for $1 (nothing is free!). Then I’m going to basically set up the booth as I had it some years ago in Florence, SC. My old carpenter guy (RIP Ken Johnson) built me a whole custom layout for my booth and I’m putting the one at the sleepy poet together just as he had it. What will change out there is less clutter and maybe a better shopping experience. My website for the booth will have an update later today with pictures of the progress.




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