Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 28, 2021



came on a killer 1950s vest. This 1947 Area Meeting patch from Texas is among the items ending tonight on eBay from that vest. I’ve also got some other OA rounds, Explorer conference patches and even a 1949 Canadian Jamboree felt pennant. I don’t usually get vests like this but these were light sewn and not washed so I’ll be curious to see what the auctions bring.


Now that I have been working on my OA collection I’ve decided to part with two flaps from the Dave Thomas First Flaps in color collection. If you remember this sale he had a signed certificate to go with each patch. I know there might be some people that would really rather have this example in their collection.


I have one last flap ending tonight worth a shout out. This flap came to me in the same collection with the Nawakwa twill. This is an S7 and in the Blue Book it’s listed as a possible prototype. I’ve never seen a recorded sale on eBay and even though I put a steep minimum bid on it the bidding war has begun.


All together I have close to 200 auction ending tonight on eBay. I haven’t mentioned the New York camp items, U.S. Grant pilgrimage pieces or other OA pieces I’ve included. If you haven’t already take a peak soon to see all my auctions ending tonight.


I really wanted to spend this whole newsletter talking about my latest Hot Finds Insiders Round Table that I recorded recently with Bill Mulrenin. We did a deep dive on the history of OA cataloging and his role as a state editor for the Blue Book. But I’m a bit too much of a perfectionist and after 2 hours editing the video I still wasn’t done and had to put it off for another day. Look for that to come out next week in the Hot Finds.




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