Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 26, 2021



Unlike Rick Stewart I have not visited very many Scouting musuems. The Lawrence E. Lee Scout Museum is located at Camp Carpenter. Greg shares that they exhibits there are second to none. If that’s not reason enough to attend the show they also do a Lobsterfest meal that features Maine lobster with all the trimmings. He had me at lobster!


The dining hall at Camp Carpenter can hold as many as 100 tables and Greg shares that they regularly sell at least 90 for the annual event. With the location the event pulls collectors from the larger metro areas nearby in NY, NJ and MA. I don’t know what my Scouting weekends look like for the fall but I sincerely want to attend this show as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.


My podcast guest Bill Chadek had surgery recently and is out of action for about 6-8 weeks. But as I may have mentioned we have struck a deal where I’m going to send him a box of Scout hand axes in trade. He is going to clean some of them up for me so that I can give them out as thank you gifts. The others he is going to fully restore and resell when he is all healed up.


I have 382 live auctions on eBay right now. This Sunday might be one of my best ending days in a while. I’ve got several really nice pieces including this beautiful #506 Yokahu S7 Flap. You might have seen this one come out of a recent unboxing video. Turns out the blue book lists this flap as a possible prototype and there are no recorded sales of it on Patchtrends. So I’m rolling the dice to see what it will do at auction!


Today we will finish taking pictures and sorting coffee mugs in my warehouse. I think we will easily be over 1000 mugs processed and ready for eBay. I had to build an entire new shelving system to hold them all. So when it’s all live in my eBay store I’ll let you know in case I’ve got the old camp mug that you’ve been hunting for!.




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