Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 23, 2021



I listened to the interview again this morning and realized that I kept coming back to a central theme. It’s up to the veteran collectors to share their knowledge with the next generation if we want to preserve and grow the hobby. Certainly his website has been a great example of that all these years. You will also hear me plea for others to start niche specific websites (or books!) on their lodge, conclave, council, camp or in his case a whole statewide focus.


The ISCA Journal and predecessor publications have certainly been doing this for many years. It’s not as easy to access those printed copies as there is not really a searchable index like Bill’s website has. We also talk about how Facebook is terrible at archiving pictures and information (again what a website does pretty well).


This morning I eclipsed a personal milestone. A bit like watching your car’s odometer in hopes of catching it at the exact moment it rolls over to a big round number. This morning my Patchblanket eBay store hit 40k active items. I’ve been building towards this ever since eBay changed the listing fees and encouraged collectibles sellers to put it all out there for sale. My next goal is 50k items which I hope to hit this fall.


On eBay this week I have 371 auctions with minimum bids totaling over $10,000. These auctions include some really good stuff that I have picked up over the last few months. Some of these pieces you may even remember seeing in unboxing videos.


I’ve got a busy week of making new content. Today I am interviewing another TOR sponsor. Wednesday I’m interviewing a collector for the podcast. Then on Thursday I am with Brad England for our next episode of Thread Heads. Sorta like I said with Bill Mulrenin, we gotta keep the energy alive in this hobby even through bankruptcy, COVID and political turmoil in the country.




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