Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 21, 2021



I also picked up my Mother-In-Law while on the way back home. So there has not been too much time to sort it out completely. However, the mugs are washed and the patches are out of the bags and album pages ready to be sorted. I usually don’t drive 6 hours for collections like this but the circumstances were a little unique so I made it happen.


I have been revisiting a lot of the old content on my site. One jewel I ran across which seems pretty timely is a series of interviews I did with John Pannell of So in cleaning things up I put all of these in one post so you can go back and listen to the whole story of John taking over the site when it only had a few hundred images and building it to where he was getting 40k hits per day.


Tomorrow if are subscribed to my podcast you can expect to see Episode #93 drop. This is my interview with Bill Mulrenin the NY State OA Trader. We spend the time diving in on his long running OA blog site which I’ve been a fan of for decades. Bill has been active on the web going back into the early 2000s and was the NY State Blue Book Editor during that time period.


Every Sunday I try and schedule a wave of auctions to end. Today that includes 129 listings from a range of categories. I’ve got 20 OA Seminole 85 issues, 50 New York event items, 28 JSPs from all over and 31 SAPs from a diverse group of councils. I hope that’s enough unique items to draw in some watchers and bidders.


This week I’m looking to interview another TOR organizer so I can keep promoting shows. If you have one on the books for 2021 send me an email and let’s schedule a 5 minute phone call so I can help shine some light on your event and get the word out!




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