Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter February 19, 2021



The last time I drove to go pick up a collection my alternator went out and I was saved by my old lodge brother. He lent me a car and got my Buick Rendezvous towed to his mechanic. This time I’m hoping that my 17 year old SUV with nearly 200k miles will not have any such trouble.


I have my eye on the new “patch wagon” as my friend has dubbed it. Through someone I know in Charlotte I may have the chance to get a good deal on a 9-year old low mileage Dodge Grand Caravan. Now that name does not scream “uhhh ahhh” but there is one thing about that model. It has a “store and go” configuration where the seats fold completely flat to turn it into a real gear hauler.


The collection I’m picking up today is not a GA one but rather mostly North Carolina stuff. I think the guy has t-shirts too and may have even spent a summer at a camp down in Florida along his Scouting career. If all goes well I will try and film a quick Facebook live before I head home with the haul.


I have over 300 live auctions on eBay with a mixture of Sothern OA and New York stuff that I got several years ago. In fact it was on that picking trip to the Bronx that I rented a Dodge Grand Caravan and drove the stuff home in banker boxes to North Carolina.


I posted this picture yesterday on Facebook. I still need most of the really killer pieces for my OA flap name/number collection. But I’ve got some of the kickers! This one I got in that “central time zone” collection in December. I think when the dust settles I’ll have less than 20 needs to complete that collection. You know just the easy ones like Victorio, Tomahawk, Baluga those kinda flaps.




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